Low Budget Hotel Weimar

Bauhaus University Weimar, 2007

The low budget hotel in the North of Weimar, an industrial area with an old depot is based on the idea of economic and fast construction to provide affordable but high quality accommodation for commuters or young travellers visiting the city.

The design is not trying to consolidate the area but underlines the industrial atmosphere of the surroundings: the use of the existing stone wall as part of the street façade, industrial façade materials and a generous semi public space enclosed in the middle of the complex. The old depot is framed by the new building and transformed into a car park. The hotel restaurant and bar, which is open to the public is located above the main entrance at the road.

The rooms are accessed via galleries on the North side, whereas the gallery on the South provides informal „back yard“ spaces for the guests facing the garden and the city. Big gaps between the room sequences create more sheltered outside areas that can be used as meeting points play areas or common balconies. The industrial glazing opens up in the south to give views towards Weimar, the north is more closed to provide shelter against the weather.

The guest room has a simple and compact design. Sanitary facilities and beds do not occupy more space than necessary. They make up a single piece of furniture that acts as a room divider. It is a prefabricated timber unit which is installed after completing the structural work.

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