Special Award at Schinkel Competition

Bauhaus University Weimar, 2009

The 154th Schinkel competition dealt with the revitalisation of the centre of the shrinking city of Rathenow in Brandenburg, Germany. With our unconventional and rather radical proposal Lukas Bartke, Bastian Sevilgen and I won the special award in the category of urban planning, worth 3000 .
The task was to design a solid framework for the old core of Rathenow. The historic city was heavily damaged during World War II and holds many undefined "in-between-spaces", caused by 5-storey housing blocks added during the sixties. The inner city has lost its identity and most parts of former flood plain have retreated.

Our answer to these problems was a process-like proposal that could react to shrinking and growth in the future: De-constructing the Northern half of the old-city-island step by step and densifying the Southern part allows to experience the island again. Floodplain is restored up to the city wall, which forms a new positive space together with the Southern part and the new residential area: A big park that can use the synergies of the BUGA 2015 (National Garden Exposition).

Project Team: Lukas Bartke, Oriana Kraemer, Bastian Selvilgen
Competition Initiator: Architekten- und Ingenieur-Verein zu Berlin e.V.