with KARO* Architekten, 2010

This competition initiated by the municipality of Leipzig aimed for strategies to revitalise and improve the city's major access road Georg-Schumann-Straße. The street had significant deficits due to heavy transit traffic, high vacancy of buildings, empty plots and neglected open spaces. With our proposal we targeted several locations, one of them a square adjoining the employment centre (Huygensplatz). Our urban design proposal for this square was later realized in form of an experimental and temporary improvement measure.

Concept Georg-Schumann-Straße: Letters (the Schumi-ABC) become the guiding elements, the corporate identity of Georg-Schumann-Straße. Installed at key spots along the road these word-sculptures animate to act and at the same time advertise for the protagonists of the street. The chosen words are "TEILHABEN" (part-taking, participating) at the employment centre, "ANKERN" (dropping the anchor, settling) at the culture centre Anker or "HANDELN" (acting, trading) at the new market square. This way every key spot gets its title and is presented publicly.

Concept Huygensplatz: The public area around the employment centre is extended onto Huygensplatz. The letters of the word "TEILHABEN" (part-taking, participating) are placed as interactive sculptures. Part-taking in public space, part-taking in society, part-taking in employment - as spatial elements the letters can accommodate various functions. The letters can be used as a kiosk, a sports wall, for electric supply or for public viewing, an open air cinema. The size, depth and functions of the sculptures will be developed and discussed with all protagonists of the neighbourhood.

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