StadtBauwelt Baku

Berlin, 2009

In continuation with my documentary project Describing Urban Changes on Baku in 2008 I guest-edited and wrote an article for this StadtBauwelt issue on Baku, published in September 2009. My co-editing work included recruiting the co-authors, selection and composition of the articles and facilitation of the "site visit" together with chief editor Felix Zwoch and photographer Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk. My own article on the temporary character of the Caspian metropolis can be downloaded in German here.

Bauwelt is a renowned German architecture and urban planning magazine. Apart from its weekly appearance, there is a special edition three to four times a year that portraits a city. This issue comprehends about 80 pages and contains articles by mostly local authors on urban planning, architecture and urban (sub-)culture of their city.

Chief Editor: Felix Zwoch
Co-Editor: Oriana Kraemer
photographs: Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk, Sebastian Burger

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